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Exploring the City with a Sweet Twist

Who we are

We are Polar Twist!

We were established in 2020 and our happy polar bear represents the brand, which you can find in our logo. We are proud to be the first in the UAE to introduce the top-rated Poland Twist Ice cream (Świderek) that is a unique Polish ice cream.

We have connected Poland with Arabia to create Polar Twist. Our Menu evolved with time to add even more unique and overseas specific products like Japanese Mochis, Belgian Waffles, German Brat Wurst, American Coffee, Bubble Teas, Cocktails and more. You can also find us in Emarat Hassa Station and at your door steps via our Ice Cream Van.


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What else do we offer?

Find your connections whether you are craving for an ice cream, spotting our ice cream nostalgic music it plays, looking to add a unique touch to your event or joining to invest in partnership franchise for a sweet blend of success.

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The best ice cream in UAE.

The premier ice cream twist brand in UAE, delivering unparalleled taste, innovation, and joy to our customers while maintaining a commitment to quality and community engagement.

Our Vision

Polar Twist aims to not only be the ice cream destination of choice but also a brand synonymous with creativity, quality, and community connection in the vibrant city of UAE.

Our Mission

At Polar Twist, we believe in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, one twist at a time. Enjoying moments of connections through every swirl and twists.

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