1st Polish Ice Cream Twist in UAE

The Tallest Ice Cream Twist in UAE

Made to perfection ice cream flavors. Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, 2 in 1 Chocovanilla and 24k Gold Burj Twist

The tallest ice cream in Dubai
Polartwist ice cream van in Dubai
Ice Cream Choice


The Coolest Ice Cream Van in UAE!

Bring out your inner child, grab a cone, and let the flavors transport you to a world of happiness and indulgence. Just remember, in UAE , the coolest way to beat the heat is by chasing down Polar Twist ice cream van!

Global Village

Treat yourself with happiness in a cone at our ice cream shop. Come and enjoy our ice cream.

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Ice Cream Van

Sweet surprises on wheels: discovering the best of ice cream vans. Spot us in your area.

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Special Events

Treat your guests to a unique and delicious experience that they'll savor long after the celebration ends.


Scoop up profits in a thriving market. We have 2 ways partnership program for a cool venture with a warm return on investment.

Who are we? We are Polar Twist

We are operating since 2020. We are proud to be the first in the UAE to introduce very popular in Poland Twist Ice cream (Świderek) that is a unique polish ice cream.

Polar Twist's Signature Product

Polar Twist Ice Cream

Our flavorful selection of vanilla and chocolate ice cream twist. Made with love from Poland.

Ice Cream Twist with 24k Gold Karat
Burj Twist with 24k Gold

Burj size ice cream twist covered with edible gold leaf and sprinkled with sweet tasty treats.

Mochi Ice Cream

Each bite offers a perfect harmony of soft, glutinous rice dough and ice cream.

The Best of Our Menu

Creamy, cold, and delicious: that’s our promise to you!

Our Trailer & Van Menu

  • Polar Twist Ice Cream
    Polar Twist Ice Cream

    The tallest ice cream in UAE. Selection of Saghir (small) Giant and Burj size. Also available in Gold.

  • Mochi

    Irresistibly delicious and available in various flavors, soft, chewy Japanese rice cakes.

  • Ice Cream Sticks
    Ice Cream Sticks

    Flavor selection from brands: Toblerone, Oreo, Dairy Milk, Kitkat, Nobbly Bobbly and more.

  • Ice Cream Cones
    Ice Cream Cones

    Available as well, Ice cream cones from the makers of Corneo, Igloo, London Dairy, M&M and Kitkat.

  • Magnum Bars
    Magnum Bars

    Premium ice cream bars from Magnum

Check out the full list of Menu from below:


Available at Global Village

  • Burj Twist with 24k Gold
    Burj Twist with 24k Gold

    Luxurious touch of edible 24k gold sheet, giving you a truly unforgettable dessert experience.

  • Milkshakes

    Made with the finest ingredients, these milkshakes are guaranteed to transport you to ice cream heaven with every sip.

  • Cocktails

    With a range of delicious flavors like Blue Lagoon,Cranberry Mojito, Storm, and Twist, there's something for everyone.

  • Waffle Loaded
    Waffle Loaded

    Waffle Loaded with the original flavor of Polar Twist ice cream and added a touch of amazing toppings.

Check out the full list of GV Menu from below:

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